Tuesday, September 8

It's a Superlife.

This morning at 7:00 my father, Robert J. Sturner passed away. I am here to pay homage to a truly great man. My dad was a motivational speaker all of his life and not only spoke it to his clients but lived it everyday. He molded me into who I am, and I am so thankful to be his daughter. It would just feel wrong not to honor him here on the blog since we are just starting out. This will be a great creative outlet for me, and it's really helping me through this tough time. My family is strong, and we will live on to honor his positive attitude everyday for the rest of our lives. 
Thank god for good friends and good music because without both I don't know where I'd  be right now.
Much love to everyone reading, and thank you for listening. Below is a picture of my mom, dad and sister coming up in good old New York City. Dad was always on point, and could mom be anymore amazing in that dress?
Ps: Pandora radio never ceases to amaze me...listen to Wildbirds and Peacedrums.


  1. Love to you and your family. Go through every thing and feeling you need to.

  2. My condolences; Robert J. was a great motivational coach, and friend. I have been a SuperBooster for 4 years. He convinced me I could start my own company in 2007 and forever changed mylife. I will miss his daily messages. It's a Super SuperLife!

  3. Robert you and your family are in our thoughts. We have known you over 19 years and you were instumental in focusing our lives and helping us to achieve our goals. We will miss you dearly. To God in Heaven, Robert won't take no for an answer, so just say Yes to whatever he wants. Ask Ask Ask John and Nancy Dye

  4. I have been a Super Booster for the past few years and would like to extend my condolences for Robbie " Jazzed Up " Sturner. A very dear friend of mine recommended your father to me and in the few short years I got to know him, my business thrived listening to him every morning.

    Occasionally Robbie J would call me on my cell phone to check in and see how I was doing. He was very proud of you Whitney (just as proud as he was of the NY Yankees) and spoke often about you and your mom to me.

    He was an exceptional role model, motivator, and friend and I will certainly miss receiving his monthly packages complete with his pre-recorded tapes. I will always be reminded of his I CAN attitude.

    Rest In Peace Robbie J

  5. Please don't post this on your blog.

    Please email me: eric_walt@hotmail.com

    I am shocked to read of your Dad's passing. I feel a tremendous loss. I'm also embarrassed that I've lost touch with him over the past decade.

    I want to tell you about your Dad. I knew him quite well. We liked each other a great deal. I first brought him into my company 20 years ago to install the Superlife program with all of our people. It was the best of times. I still have all of those Superlife tapes and materials.

    I have known the most popular motivation speakers on the circuit (Tracy, Robbins, Zigler, etc.)- and your Dad was the very best of them for a multiplicity of reasons. He was a truly 'great' man.

    I am so sorry for your loss. He was simply marvelous. Please email me so that I can write you.

    Eric Walt

  6. Your dad was a great man and his inspirational messages got me going everymorning for a long time!

  7. robert j sturner helped me in ways nobody can imagine. He motivated me to the top levels of motivation. He was truly a special person on this earth.

    God Bless You Robert,
    Ray Koza

  8. I was just listening to his tapes and they were wonderful. What charisma! What positivity! It compeltely changed how I felt and am going to do!

  9. I am grateful to have met Robert J Sturner he made my life shine and I miss him alot

    Michael Bird

  10. I am saddened by the news. I was seeking one more motivational chat with the great man. "What I am to be I am now becoming" and many other favorites will stick with me forever. I am now a trainer and think of him often. Since the first time I met him and my first thought was...what a big phony...until I realized he lived it everyday, as you said. He was always uplifting. I could never understand how anyone could be so uplifting and vibrant all day long everyday of his life. He was truly amazing. I wish I was more like him.

    Today, as many days past, I pulled out my Super Life notebook with my Super Life Vitamins still intact from my class in 1989, 21 years later. I decided to try once again to look him up through the wonderful ability of the internet.

    I am sorry for your loss. I am also from New York, love the Yankees, was a door to door salesman, and came to love your father. God bless him for he taught me alot of God's grace.

  11. Any one can call me Diane Sturner ,if you want to share an amazing story about my Robert.

  12. Your Dad was a great influence on me; I remember in 1980, I visited Rob when your family lived in Carlsbad on Manzanita Drive. You were a child. I owe your father a great debt for all his great lifelong guidance as a positive thinking mentor. With positive thinking and faith, it has indeed been a "Super Life" so far, and I thank God he was in my life.

    Mike Taglich
    Sag Harbor

  13. I met your father in my early twenties, and he made such an amazing impression on my soul. He unleashed the power of positive thinking, visualization, and a stronger connection to God. I can remember meeting him in the morning - on Carlsbad Beach. He was reading his Bible to me, and actually took a pen out and wrote my name in his Bible and the date. He made me feel so special and powerful at the same time! I'm a Mom now, and your father has helped me to encouage my children to always "expect great things". He took the time to really be with people, and let them know that God had something really special planned for their lives! I am so grateful to have met him!

    Caroline Lockhart

  14. I was thinking about RJS tonight as I was going through some of his handouts that I received 20 years ago as a student of his. Your dad was the first of many teachers I have had on my path of transformation. Over the years I have occasionally searched for him on the web with the intention of reconnecting, tonight I found your blog and I must share I am feeling a great sense of sadness. RJS was and is a gift of light and I am so grateful to be blessed by the threads he represents in the fabric of my life. Go well Robert J. Sturner, I send this love now, just as you are and just as you always have been. Thank you for being in my superlife!

    Gary Kuebler

  15. Mr Sturner was a GREAT man and helped me every single day with his tapes.

    Much more than a motivational speaker bc they are a dime a dozen.

    I am a NYC Financial Advisor on Wall St and his voice still rings in the back of my head during work at certain points of the day...

    If you , Ms Sturner listen and implement half of what he preached , you will undoubtedly become a success and looks like you are on that path regardless with the trendy site : )

    God Bless RJS, and Thank you for everything

  16. Worked with your Dad for 4 years. He was one of the most inspirational men Ive ever know. I along with a large part of wall street was deeply affected by his passing. I lost my father about a year later. Just remember your father was a great man who lived a "super life". Mike

  17. I still listen to some tapes i saved of your Dad , i loved him . every day in the morning , super booster he would say . ask ask and ask one more time. rest in peace Robert J
    Scott P nanuet ny

  18. Hello everyone,

    I haven't felt the need to look at this blog post in quite a while, until today. It's been about 4 years since my dad's passing and I finally feel ready to reconnect with his friends and clients that knew him so well. If anyone is still finding this post in search of my dad, the late and great Robert J. Sturner, please email me at: whitney@misswax.com or call me at 760-473-2044.
    I look forward to hearing from you and welcome all emails and phone calls. I'm finally ready to carry on his message in my own way, and I'm open to all stories and information you may have to offer. Thank you.

    Whitney Sturner

    1. Whitney, I would love to connect. I sell advertising for USA TODAY in NYC and i was just quoting your father to a friend. he was an amazing man and to this day, there are things that he said that still pop in my mind that help me be a better salesman, dreamer, and Christian. You're welcome to call me 917-543-4366 or email me brobinson@usatoday.com all the best, Brian Robinson PS. we may have met before when I visited your home about 12+ years ago

  19. Please email me if you've just found this and would like to share stories about my dad.
    I'd love to hear them!


    -Whitney Sturner :)

  20. Keeping Robert's memory alive 2 years after last post, I type one of his affirmations I repeat every day: "I ask, ask, ask for what I want in life. I am bold and audacious in my asking. I am a SuperAsker! If rejected, I just ask again." His teachings helped me grow my biz for one to seven locations. I thanks him every day. Shane Watson