Sunday, September 6


The ladies of Miss Wax have finally decided to enter the world of blogging. We are very excited to wet your appetites with exciting updates, sneak peaks, and plain n' simple - things we love. If you haven't heard of Miss Wax before you've probably been hiding under a rock somewhere or spending your days on a remote island (which makes me totally jealous)...hahaha. No, but really, welcome! We are glad to have you here.
Miss Wax is an innovative jewelry line that has been keeping the ladies fly since early 2006. Although there are many steps to the process that still need the human touch much of  it is manufactured right here in Southern California. This ensures that you get the cream of the crop every time around..no falling back..only the best!  I don't want to scare anyone away but here at Miss Wax we work hard, party hard, cuss often, and do it all in a day so be prepared.
Disclaimer: This is not for the kiddies.
I hope you're ready for what we have to offer. This will be an exciting adventure for us all.
Miss Wax consists of Kylee Fauss (founder/head designer) & me, Whitney Sturner (the right hand woman) both born and raised in Carlsbad, California & ready to take over the world.
Nice to meet all of you beautiful people.
Can you tell that I'm excited?!
Here we are at Project trade show in Vegas last week..The rest of the Vegas photos will be here soon.
Enjoy, & thanks for checking us out at the Miss Wax blog.


  1. Go ahead ladies!! Do the damn thang!=) It was honestly a pleasure meeting you two. Can't wait to party party/work with you again!

  2. Yay, glad you decided to start this!!! Looks great! I will def. stay tuned as should you ;)


  3. P.S. you are forsure going on my blogroll!

  4. Yay!
    SD County represent!!!
    Love to you both from NYC!

  5. Welcome to the blogging world ladies!

    So glad that you guys will finally be keeping us even more updated on everything MISS WAX.

    I'm soooo ready to see all the sneak peeks & the inside scoop.

    Love that you two are rockin HELLZ BELLZ.


    ♥ Nicole