Monday, December 21

Isn't she lovely.

You name it she's done it - from modeling to acting to dancing, the list goes on & on. Kat Graham definitely  has a style of her own, and she's insanely talented! She really is a natural beauty and a trend-setting one at that.

Saturday night at Madame Royale we linked up through mutual friends and chatted it up for a bit. We talked Miss Wax, and of course I had to get her in some. She's rockin' the chandelier earring from our upcoming Spring 2010 line. Here's your first peak at it along with a few party pictures after the jump.

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Party people
They were adorable.
I love La nights.


  1. Katerina is GORGEOUS! I love your outfit Whitney & OMGAH, that's Britt from HELLZ! hehehe. =]


  2. Aww KG is gorgeous love it! your amazing!