Thursday, September 17

We heart L.A

Hello Beautiful people!

So this is actually my first ever post on the Miss Wax blog,
& I am ever so pleased to introduce myself, Kylee Fauss a.k.a Miss Wax.
I'm the Owner, Head Designer, Handy-woman, & complete slave to Miss Wax.
I just got back from L.A to the sunny streets of S.D thinking, Damn..this place is nice, but someday soon I need to re-locate to a place with a lil' more crackin' than the beach.

Amongst the hazy hills of L.A, I've met people with some damn solid substance. The whole Los Angeles has no heart, superficial stereotype maybe true in some cases, but I'm standing firm that I Love L.A.

Here's just a couple reasons why:

Music The hunt for dope music in S.D is a struggle. In L.A, you can get your fix with ease.

Graff oh, the Eye-candy on the walls, under that grimy ass bridge, in the gallery... The art scene in L.A is lovely. More than many cities, the art in L.A captures the cities political awareness making a creative defiance through beautiful messages of paint. Its Beautiful shit.

Young hustlers there's nothing i love more than when i realize the girls throwing the party you're at aren't even old enough to get in.

Beautiful Faces we cant get enough.

24 hour dining Swingers diner, anyone? I usually don't remember much from these outings, but im pretty sure the food is good.

Gear Acquisition ahhh, the Sunday sidewalk sales on Melrose are amazing.

S.D, i love you for many other reasons, But L.A's gotcha beat on these points.

Go visit.


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  1. nicely put! Streetfancy hearst LA too... and Miss Wax!

  2. Have you been to Barracuda on Melrose? I've heard good things about it. Never been though.

    I need to go to LA man. I love to shop at bargain/thrift/vintage stores. I know LA has plenty.

    Any good suggestions??

  3. Saucy...will you see this post? I still need to figure out how to communicate with this shit....Barracuda is the spot..funny that you mention it..I drive all the way there to get my hair done. They are AMAZING. I can't give you specific thrift stores, but anywhere you wander you'll probably find them :)

  4. Yea I'm able to see your comments on here. They cut hair at Barracuda also? Wow, yea you just reassured me to go there. I'll be making a trip there soon. Thanks Whit. =]


  5. Do you just come back and check it randomly or do you get notified?
    Cut & color..the best!

  6. I check back. there's no notifications on comments. (at least I dont think. haaaa.) I just started using my blogspot again. I've been using Tumblr as my main blog.

    How much for color & cut?