Sunday, January 9

Supa chill

I'm listening to this mix for the second time now  and loving it all over again. 
Listen in and leave feedback below.
Also, hollar at the homie Esthetica if you need a dj or a sweet mixtape!
Sweet as this donut/bagel combo...haha...this picture makes me really happy.

 Magical Boombox Vol. 1 by ESRA.

Track Listing: 
1. AFTA-1 - Rain 2. James Pants - Cosmic Rap 3. Sonnymoon - Soular
4. Boom Clap Bachelors - Time 5. The Knife - Heartbeats/Crystal Castles - Empathy
6. Prefuse 73 feat. Erlend Oye - Every Party 7. Machinedrum feat. Addiquit - Let it Go
7. Feist - Honey Honey 8. Little Dragon - Forever 9. JDSY - Lighter 

10. Esthero - Superheroes (AFTA-1 remix)

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