Friday, July 23

You don't wanna miss this!!

My lovely lady friends are having a massive garage sale tomorrow in Silver Lake!

Here are the details:

ON HOOVER between Fountain and Santa Monica Blvd.
1200 block - N. Hoover St. (You CAN'T MISS US!!!!)
Los Angeles, CA

Saturday 9:00am - 4:00pm

Yo fashion bargainers!!!

You babes ready for the most epic of all time Yard Sale EVER!?!

Collaborating with the most fashionable ladies of LA - We've got the goods to make that dull wardrobe go BOOM! 

Anywhere from Vintage clothing to Designer Pieces , Shoes to Bags , Accesories, Sunglasses, Books, etc....YOU NAME IT!!!! It's time to bring back the 90's! and for those of you who were probably still figuring out what Clueless was.....well, now all your questions will be answered here! ---- oh yeah....ELEPHANTS AND SIRENS are going to be selling some feathered goodies too....for the prices your wallets crave for.

We'll be servin up some coffee for your early morning urges

and sellin' Lemonade like the good 'ol days in the hot afternoons!

Either you come hang out with us ladies , or bring yourself a tote bag to shop with! Because we are bringin in the Summer with a little flava!

Don't miss out! We'll be in our lawn chairs and our brewskies waitin to show you what's good. And when you're finished being a rad shopaholic , you can go to those fabulous roof top pool parties you've been tannin up for!

See you there!

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  1. you rule our world!!!!!


    Elephants and Sirens