Tuesday, May 18

Repthewax - Hong Kong

Meet Yelow Pine Baby, straight outta Hong Kong!
She says she loves the line because it's stylish and unique, and she's turning her friends into fans too!
Not only is it hard to find a picture of this adorable little lady not wrapped in Miss Wax, but while wearing it she embarks on some of the most amazing travels around the world. From Paris to Holland to the U.K. and back to Hong Kong, she reps the wax wherever she goes.
The love she has for our jewelry is the same love that I feel for my favorite brands. 
I wanna be dipped head to toe - all the time!!

So, the moral of this story is....
We love you Yelow Pine Baby.
And, thanks for being a true fan.
We really appreciate girls like you that represent us on the daily.
Check out her photo blog here.
<3 <3 <3

Without further ado, here she is with her collection of Miss Wax - new & old.

Send your flicks to: Whitney@misswax.com
Tell me a little something about yourself and why you love the brand.
Can't wait to see what I get!

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