Thursday, May 27

48 hours in Los Angels

A lot can happen in 48 hours in the great city if Los Angeles.
We managed to meet some amazing faces & do more hustling in 2 days, then most do in 2 weeks.
We Headed out Bright & Early monday morning to head downtown & met with the Super inspiring Linus Shentu, L.A photographer for lunch at Curry House to discuss details for our upcoming shoot.
Were definitely looking forward to some next level photo's for our new Fall collection!
Check out his work here: http://www.linusshentu.com
Next, we headed to the infamous pattern-maker/designer Luis Diaz's spot to work on a new pattern for a garment coming out next season.
This always makes for an interesting visit.
After a couple more hours of embellishment hunting, we drove up to North Hollywood to Whitney's new apartment for some freshening up...& off to a meeting with future Miss Wax intern, Christine Kim for Dinner at Holly-weird's Kung Pao kitty.
Tuesday morning I discussed plans for a future project with super talented Jerry Park, owner of Barracuda Salon.
After that, off to the Hellz- Bellz office to discuss some exciting opportunities for new products & some real growth for MW!
It was so dope to see the entire crew & talk one on one with my girl, Miss Lawn, owner of HELLZ:)
Next, Off to Vana's, CAD designer & my next go to girl for super sick ring casting. Cant wait to release what we have in the works.
Then, Had some amazing Gyro Tacos down this random alley off Hill st & headed to Shawn Owen Buttons place to drink beer & talk shit about how crazy we are for running our own lines.
This kid is brilliant. Check out his collection:
Wheeeeew..this re-cap was longer the expected..but just a glimpse.
Check some pics below:

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