Saturday, April 17

Straight from the desert!

Wow. What can I say? This has been quite the Coachella experience so far, and it's just our second day!  Unfortunately, I left my camera cord behind, but there will definitely be lots of fun & colorful photos to come when we get back to home base. First of all, we are staying at The Budget Inn, and let me tell you boy this is a classy establishment. hahahah..I like to think that we are some down ass girls, but this is straight up roughing it. Ice cold showers, no blow dryer, no shampoo, and a paper bath mat that clearly states "bath mat" Thank you for that. This shit is pure comedy, and now we have great stories to tell. Every little thing adds to the adventure. So, yesterday we saw some amazing performances! In order: Passion Pit, La Roux, Little Dragon, Vampire Weekend, Jay-Z & The Whitest Boy Alive. Whheeewww. Madness. They were all equally good live..oh soooo good!!
 Kylee and I are having a blast, and I'll continue to update you! Can't wait to throw the pictures up. I'm trying to get some good style pics too. 
Keep ur eyes peeled.
<3 Whit & Ky

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  1. I love it! Thanks for being so amazing! I love you ladies!! XOXXOXO