Sunday, February 14

Un, Deux, TROIS - Coachella artists - The Whitest Boy Alive

And that they are...hahah. Besides being that white, I can't say better things about "The Whitest Boy Alive".  I'm pretty psycho about Coachella, so I go alphabetically through the line-up and listen in to find out who is a must-see and who is a must-miss. These boys are definitely a must-see, and they are coming all the way from Germany to serenade us. Out of the first day's line-up, I found a handful of groups worth listening to, and this one has been my favorite so far. Okay, favorite is an understatement, they are the only thing I've been listening to for the last week! Their tunes are really mellow and relaxing, but they have an upbeat-dancey feel at the same time. They won't be anything short of amazing live. Catch them on Friday, April 16th at Coachella.

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