Thursday, January 7


As you might know by now here at Miss Wax we loove music! It's a huge inspiration for us in our daily lives and of course in each line that we bring to you. That being said, I will continue to highlight the artists and groups that we love so much. Whether it be old school hip hop or new school electropop we never get enough of the stuff that makes us bounce. I hope to introduce to you music that you haven't heard as well as stuff you know and love. Keep it moving  as usual.

Today it's all about Mr. Lif. He has been doing his thing for a long while as part of the DefJux fam. He's straight outta Boston with a dope rhyme style & beats to back the verses. It's funny because I saw him live about 4 years ago in Sd before I knew much of his music, but it took a long time for me to become such a big fan. Of course by now I have his whole discography, and this week I've been rockin' on repeat so it only felt right to spread the word.

Get up on Definitive Jux here. We've been repping the label since back in the day, and they feature some of our favorite heads in the game such as: Blockhead, Cage and Del. Take a lookisie and even a listen.
Still my fave.

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