Monday, December 14

1990 something

Models were the best in the 90's...ahhh, I just remember growing up on Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, Christy Turlington, Helena Christenson and Naomi Campbell. No one will ever touch them. Of course the models of the 21st century are still amazingly beautiful (in a very different way), but I think what I loved most about models in the 90's were the ad campaigns. The pictures were just do different and natural, and they did a lot of black and white. I just look at them as classics. My love for fashion hasn't faltered since back when I was a little girl with collaged walls of these pretty ladies.
Here are some of my personal favorites!
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And although this song doesn't stand out in my mind, the video definitely stayed with me.
Naomi & Michael are SO hot.
Ohhh, and this song is still sooooo good..
Check out Helena Christensen at her finest.

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