Thursday, November 19

Travellin' woMAN

Kylee & I are both on separate adventures this week, but we will be back together in no time...
Travels, fun filled nights, pretty faces, lots of partying, some work in the mix, Miss Wax repping, coast to coast.
She's in the Big Apple.
And Friday morning I'll be touching down in the Baaaaaay!
Catch you on the flip side.
Lots of love.
I'm Leeeaaaavviiiinnnnn....I'll be back to you!


  1. You're not gonna be at the MISS WAX x HELLZ Launch Part?!!

    I wish I could go!

    You ladies have fun & have a safe trip.

    xoxo Nicole

  2. wha, foreal in the bay? are u still out here? i emailed kylee bout pre-ordering but im assuming she hasnt answered cuz shes traveling this wknd for the launch party. if u got those accessories on u, i would love to cop them right off ur hands. HOLLA!

  3. Aww, Ashley, I just saw this and I'm home now! I had pieces to show, but not really for sale on the road. We'll get back to you this week for suuuuure!

  4. aww man. okay thanks! i emailed both the misswax@mac.com and info@misswax.com with my paypal info and ring size, just in case. look out for my email ioveiscrazy@aol.com haha. im just hella anxious cuz ive been seriously waiting for MONTHS for the MWXHB to drop :)

  5. sorry to bug, but i hella screwed up on my paypal thing. i didnt know about adding ur card, so when i clicked pay it automatically setted me up for an echeck which is something i dont want cuz that takes forever. i emailed kylee again to see if she can cancel, so i can resend my $ directly instead of that echeck shit. look out for an email from ioveiscrazy@aol.com. id like to re-try this, correctly :] thanks!