Thursday, November 26

The place to be

is San Francisco!
Ahhh, I loved every bit of the city.
I'm going to keep this short and sweet, but hopefully I'll be living there someday sooner than later.

Top 5 faves not in any particular order (bc each is equally amazing):

1. People - beyond nice & from all walks of life
2. Art- blow your mind
3. Eats - blow your mind x 10
4. Parks - heavenly
5. Shopping - go craaaazy

Another thing that I loved about Sf was that it's a city that you can do up on a budget or go all out on!
I was somewhere in between the two. haha.
Either way you will have a great time.
Here are the best of the best to feast your eyes on.
As always, I hope you like what you see, & enjoy!



Out & about:


Random fun:

Binary Star rockin' the mic...One Be Lo kills shit.
When I say mind blowing, I actually mean BOOGALOOS!
Don't front on this. For real. This place was insanity.
The ladies.
Dolores Park mobbing & the Hellz earrings!
Our last night, and my fave person.
Solo steez.
All the WAX.
And, we out.

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  1. OMGAH, LOVE those fckin earrings!!! I need to drop by 5andADime to cop em! You're WORKIN that Rude Girl Jacket Whitney. OWWWWWW! ;D