Monday, November 2

On blast

Lately I've been shopping around quite a bit on Etsy, a place for all hand-made products, and might I add they have some amazing finds. 
But, what I didn't expect to find was a  Miss Wax copy cat! It would be an extreme coincidence I think if these were actually her own designs. 
Flattery at its finest I guess.
Check out how close they are (besides quality).
 I even shot her an email to find out if she had heard of Miss Wax.
No reply.

Below are the Miss Wax pieces to compare.
Both cigs say "Killin' it" Coincidence?
Sorry, this is the only picture I have of the heart necklace
(Fall/Winter 2009 sneak peak)

Any thoughts?


  1. Wow, If she has never heard of Miss Wax then you two share the same brain.

    The pieces are TOOO similar.

  2. 'often imitated, neva duplicated!'

  3. I like Miss Wax's better <3

  4. Omgah, I meant to show you this a longgggg time ago about a convo I had w/ someone on myspace who has IDENTICAL pieces of Miss Wax & Melody Ehsani. I think it might be the same person you're talking about.

    Here's a printscreen of the convo: http://i37.tinypic.com/sculy0.png

    Here's their profile on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/superclovers

    & the thing that kills me the most is her trying to justify her biting by saying that it's the "exact" trend & everyone's doing it. Uhmmm, no they're not. Just own up to the fact that you clearly BIT from Miss Wax & Melody Ehsani. Shit makes me sick.


  5. Wtf! That's totally the same girl..superclovers. There is no way she came up with those designs. It's one thing to go along with a "trend" and it's another to do an exact replica. hahahaha. Shit is funny.
    I can't believe you had that conversation with her.

  6. That's the same shit I was saying. It's completely identical. People lack creativity nowadays. She thinks she's slick though, but who is she foolin?? hahaha. I got your back ladies. If I see anyone else biting your shit, I'll let you know. =D

    xoxo Nicole