Tuesday, November 10

New York, New York!

Miss Wax & Hellz Bellz will be celebrating the release of the Fall/Winter 09' collaboration at Special Sauce on Saturday, November 21st! There will be all kinds of fun & goodies for the ladies, so make sure to come check it out, get your shop on, and be the first to see this exclusive release up close & personal! You will also get the chance to meet Miss Wax herself, making her way from the West to the East to bring you the hottness.
Also, be sure to visit our friends at RAWTHENTIX & Special Sauce...always showing us love and holdin' it down for N.Y.

Special Sauce is located at: 303 Main St. in Huntington Village, Long Island.

Give em' a hollar if you need better directions at 631-673-2838.



  1. ;( WHY LI?! Why not NYC?! :( I'll TRY to make it ;( I love you guys<333

  2. I wish I was out on the East Coast cuz I would SO be there!

    I hope the release party goes well [ even though I already know it'll be a success. Just wanna send good vibes :D ]

    I'll be copping a pair of earrings at the 5&ADime shop. Can't wait! =]