Sunday, October 4

Bang Ya Head ! ! !

On Thursday night, the ladies and I mobbed down to the Casbah to see Daedelus. Not only did Daedelus rock shit, but we arrived just in time to see the openers on stage, rightly named Jogger. Seriously, all I can say is bang your head! I couldn't be more thankful to have been one of the many  heads in the crowd that night...and the Casbah is such a dope little venue. The music went from rock, to classical, to psychadelic, pure electronic goodness...so many change-ups. I loved every second of it. As always, a few photos for you to enjoy, and check out this Jogger interview to learn a little more...Click here
Also, make sure to support the artists.
They both come outta Los Angeles, and Daedelus holds it down for Ninjatune, which is home to many of my favorite artists including Blockhead.
Peep game.

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