Monday, September 14

The Video Music Awards


This is probably one of the first years that I have watched the awards from start to finish. Honestly, in the past, I didn't even pay attention to what night they were on. I'd have to say that the fashion hits and misses kept me tuned in. Lady Gaga was over the top as usual, but doesn't she just leave you wanting more? I'm pretty middle of the road as far as her music goes, but I love her outrageous looks as they come one after the next. The red lace! She even left me in awe. And, Beyonce came hard with the dance moves, but my favorite part was the robot-like glove she showed off...which she has been spotted rocking all over the place. Accessories continue to be a key piece in fashion, and let me tell you they are coming hard this fall! I can't get over the head pieces, shoulder adornments, and chunky more architectural rings and necklaces. Keep your eyes peeled for what Miss Wax has to bring to the table!

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  1. Beyonce's performance was one of my faves besides the Michael Jackson Tribute w/ Janet.

    I can't lie I'm tired of hearing Single Ladies, but I loved how she switched it up & made it fun. Beyonce is such a great performer. I felt like I was at her concert watching that performance. haha.